Hello, I’m Marko Horvat. I’m a tenured Assistant Professor at the Department of Applied Computing, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, University of Zagreb.

My main research focus is on artificial intelligence and machine learning. In particular, automated reasoning, knowledge representation, ontologies, information retrieval, decision support expert systems, affective computing, and the semantic web.

In this respect, I’m interested in the development of applied computer systems to foster knowledge description, integration, and discovery.

Currently, I am working on creating innovative data platform architectures for consolidation of minefield information obtained in the Non-technical Survey using data observatories, ontologies and knowledge graphs, and blockchain.

In parallel, and as a part of multi-year ongoing research, I’m investigating novel approaches based on ontologies, knowledge graphs, and semantic networks for the improvement of affective multimedia databases with different applications in mental health and wellbeing. Also, over the years I worked on a number of other scientific challenges and thought-provoking problems such as the AGI (artificial general intelligence) and SETI (search for extraterrestrial intelligence).

Currently (May 2022), I’m leading one project and participating in a further four. Previously, I have participated in several EU-funded research projects (H2020, COST, Erasmus+, ESF) and a number of national projects with industry and government. The research projects were concerned with the management of emotion and stress using intelligent computer systems, data mining of EEG time series data, linking of semantic and affective knowledge, and development of affective multimedia databases with tools for multifaceted document retrieval. Before my current position, I was a Senior Lecturer in computer science at the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, Zagreb University of Applied Sciences where I founded the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. There I also held the position of Vice-Dean for Science, International Collaboration, and New Study Programmes.

Before fully joining academia I was employed with domestic and foreign ICT sector companies as a software engineer, project manager, and finally department manager. In total, I have accumulated 22 years of work experience in IT and computer science.

Concerning scientific research, I’m the author of more than 80 scholarly publications including book chapters, textbooks, journal and conference articles, and given more than 50 presentations at international conferences and workshops. As a part of many formal and informal research collaborations and projects, several of them ongoing, I have developed several novel computer applications and application programming interfaces for knowledge management, automated reasoning, and document retrieval.

I am a reviewer for many respected journals and international conferences, as well as study programs and project proposals for foreign science foundations. Over the years I had the privilege to give several invited lectures, and I enjoy being actively engaged in the popularization of science.

I’m president of the Scientific Council of the Croatian Mine Action Center – Testing Center for Development and Training d.o.o. (HCR-CTRO). Also, I’m IEEE Senior Member and current Co-Chair of Technology Management Chapter (TEMS) in IEEE Croatia Section. Previously, I was Chair of Technology Management Chapter (TEMS) in IEEE Croatia Section and member of the Thematic Innovation Council for Health and Quality of Life of the Republic of Croatia.

This site showcases some of the research I’ve done, including my CV and a selection of software tools I have developed and which can be freely downloaded for academic purposes, and also (at a moment, unfortunately, a rather diminutive) blog on scientific topics that spark my curiosity.

Research interests: ontologies, knowledge representation, automated reasoning, machine learning, information retrieval, decision support systems, recommender systems, augmented cognition, affective computing, and the semantic web.

References to the selected papers in APA format (complete list):





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Please feel free to contact me regarding research cooperation, project opportunities, and other common professional topics.