Hello, I’m Marko. I’m a computer scientist and a lecturer affiliated with Polytechnic of Zagreb (TVZ) and University of ZagrebFaculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Croatia. My other duties include managing the Artificial intelligence laboratory and the Undergraduate professional study programme in Computing at TVZ.

This site showcases some of my work, including software tools which can be freely downloaded for academic purposes and a blog on topics that intersect affective computing, machine learning, knowledge representation and information retrieval. The blog is still rather diminutive, I admit… hope to get the time to expand it soon.

Apart from teaching I’m focused on data mining of semantic and affective knowledge, prediction of emotion, stress and fatigue using pervasive hardware, and development of multimedia stimuli databases with tools for their construction and multifaceted retrieval.

Please feel free to contact me regarding research cooperation, project opportunities or for any other professional interest we may have in common.